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Capturing Courage to Face Fear

change required to overcome anxiety and ocd

Change is tough; it often requires leaving what's familiar, giving up control, and breaking routines.

When dealing with anxiety and OCD, change is even harder since it means experiencing uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

As a result, even when we want to, we often fail to take the steps necessary to create change.

Finding Your Courage

Imagine you're out for a walk during winter, and you come across a freezing cold lake. You probably wouldn't want to go in because it would be too uncomfortable, even if you tried entering slowly.

facing anxiety and ocd is like jumping into a freezing cold lake

Now, picture this: you see a child fall into the same lake, and they're struggling. There's no one else around to help. Suddenly, the child's life is more important than your discomfort, so you jump in to rescue them.

You didn't jump in because it was suddenly comfortable. You jumped in because something as important as a human life was at risk.

Likewise, facing the discomfort required to overcome anxiety and OCD becomes easier when connect with our reasons for change; when we identify the aspects of our own lives that are at risk of being lost and take responsibility for them.

So, to find the courage to change, ask yourself:

What crucial parts of your life might be lost if you don't jump in to rescue them?


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